books on the Holocaust RSS feed for public list books on the Holocaust Anti-Semitism before the Holocaust / by Lindemann, Albert S Archival guide to the collections of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum / Archive and library resources in England for Holocaust related subjects : by Fox, John P. Ex-enemy Jews : Genocide on trial : by Bloxham, Donald Holocaust : Late Victorian holocausts : by Davies, Michael Menschen zwischen Grenzen : by Milton, Sybil Post-holocaust politics : by Kochavi, Arieh J Remembering the Holocaust : Restitution und Ende des Hauses Ullstein / by Koszyk, Kurt Tattooed numbers in the camps of Auschwitz-Birkenau / by Cohen, Gilles The Holocaust Museum in Washington / by Weinberg, Jeshajahu. The politics of rescue : by Feingold, Henry F , 1931- The Relief of Belsen, April 1945 : by Kemp, Paul The Struthof album : by Pressac, Jean-Claude The world must know : by Berenbaum, Michael, 1945- Twice plundered or "twice saved"? : by Grimsted, Patricia Kennedy Voyage of the St. Louis Whitehall and the Jews : by London, Louise