Books relating to Food RSS feed for public list Books relating to Food "Banquetting stuffe" : A history of the frozen meat trade : by Critchell, James Troubridge Agriculture fisheries food and forestry British food control / by Beveridge, William Henry, 1879-1963, 1st Baron Beveridge of Tuggal Diet and health in modern Britain / Division of Business Guide / Finances of Edward VI and Mary / by Dietz, Frederick Charles, b 1888 Fish and chips and the British working class, 1870-1940 / by Walton, John K Food / by Hammond, Richard James Food and farming / by Flux, Paul Food and feast in Tudor England by Sim, Alison Food and identity in England, 1540-1640 : by Lloyd, Paul S. Height, health and history : by Floud, Roderick Historic tinned foods / by Drummond, Sir Jack Cecil, 1891-1952, Knight History of food and diet in St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London / by Kerling, Nelly Johanna Martina How to bottle fruits, vegetables, game, rabbits, fish, poultry, meat, milk, etc. for domestic and commercial purposes / by Fowler, George Hugh Alley's caveat : by Alley, Hugh, 1556-1602 Jubilee dishes : by Patten, Marguerite King William III banqueting house: Loaves and fishes : by Foreman, Susan Milk to market : by Baker, Stanley Miscellaneous [pamphlets of the National War Aims Committee]. [ Mrs Beeton's cookery book and household guide ; by Beeton, Mrs, 1836-1865 Ochtertyre : house booke of accomps, 1737-1739 / Plenty and want : by Burnett, John, 1925- Portugal and Africa, 1815-1910 : by Hammond, Richard James, 1911- Public records : Ration Book recipes : by Corbishley, Gill Report of the commissioners appointed to make inquiries relating to Smithfield market and the markets in the city of London for the sale of meat. Report of the Committee appointed to review the provincial and local organisation and procedures of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. Report to the Food and Agriculture Organisation by the United Kingdom for 1947-8. Seven centuries of building wages / | Seven centuries of the prices of consumables, compared with builders' wage-rates.[Offprint from Economica November 1956 pp 296-314] by Brown, Sir Ernest Henry Phelps, 1906-1994, Knight The Banquetting [Banqueting] House, Whitehall / by Charlton, John, b 1909 The bovine scourge : by Waddington, Keir The dangerous sausage: diet, meat and disease in Victorian and Edwardian Britain by Keir Waddington The Exchequer in Elizabeth's reign / by Dietz, Frederick Charles, b 1888 The letters of William Freeman, London merchant, 1678-1685 / by Freeman, William, fl 1678-1685 The management of an animal population : by Sheail, John The meat trade in Britain, 1840-1914 / by Perren, Richard The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food / by Winnifrith, John, The receipts and issues of the Exchequer during the reigns of James I and Charles I / by Dietz, Frederick Charles, b 1888 The relief of the poor at Eaton Socon, 1706-1834 / by Emmison, Frederick George, 1907- William Alexis Jarrin : by Mason, Laura William III at Hampton Court : by Jenkins, Susan