Cold War Season RSS feed for public list Cold War Season A spy among friends : by Macintyre, Ben, A spy named Orphan : by Philipps, Roland A world of nations : by Keylor, William R., Britain, Southeast Asia and the onset of the cold war, 1945-1950 / by Tarling, Nicholas Britain's Cold War : by Clarke, Bob, British intelligence : by Twigge, Stephen British intelligence, strategy and the Cold War, 1945-51 / Deceiving the deceivers : by Hamrick, S J Defence intelligence and the Cold War : by Dylan, Huw. Empire of secrets : by Walton, Calder. Espionage, security and intelligence in Britain 1945-70 / GCHQ : by Aldrich, Richard James, 1961- GCHQ : by West, Nigel. Guy Burgess : by Purvis, Stewart Harold Wilson's Cold War : by Hughes, Geraint, Inside british intelligence : by Thomas, Gordon Intercept : by Corera, Gordon Little book of secret agents by McCann, Liam Living the Cold War : by Mallaby, Christopher, MI6 and the machinery of spying / by Davies, Philip H J Open secret : by Rimington, Dame Stella, 1935- Protect and survive / Queen of spies : by Hayes, Paddy Ratlines : by Aarons, Mark Rendezvous at the Russian Tea Rooms / by Willetts, Paul Seven spies who changed the world / by West, Nigel Spooks : by Hennessey, Peter Spying on science by Maddrell, Pail The black door : by Aldrich, Richard J. The British Army, the Gurkhas and cold war strategy in the Far East, 1947-1954 / by Gregorian, Raffi The Cold War : by Westad, Odd Arne The Cold War / by Harper, John Lamberton The dancer defects : by Caute, David, 1936- The defence of the realm : by Andrew, Christopher Maurice, 1941- The forgotten spy / by Barratt, Nicholas The Friends : by West, Nigel The hidden hand : by Aldrich, Richard James, 1961- The Mitrokhin Archive : by Andrew, Christopher Maurice, 1941- The secret state : by Hennessy, Peter, 1947- The spy who came in from the Co-op : by Burke, David Tracing your secret service ancestors / by Tomaselli, Phil Treachery : by Pincher, Chapman.