Introduction to digital preservation RSS feed for public list Introduction to digital preservation Sustainable archiving of born-digital cultural content Linked data for libraries, archives and museums : by Hooland, Seth van A matter of facts : by Millar, Laura A Rogue archives : by De Kosnik, Abigail, Preserving digital materials / by Ross Harvey The theory and craft of digital preservation / by Owens, Trevor Weaving the Web : by Lee, Tim, Berners The Routledge international handbook of new digital practices in galleries, libraries, archives, museums and heritage sites / A history of Manchester computers / by Lavington, S H New office technology in the Civil Service / by Goodman, R F Code of practice for legal admissibility and evidential weight of information stored electronically : Digital preservation and metadata : by Lazinger, Susan S Space data and information transfer systems : Long-term preservation of digital documents : by Borghoff, Uwe M Archiving websites : by Brown, Adrian Networking for digital preservation : by Verheul, Ingeborg Preserving digital information / by Gladney, Henry M Information technology. Security techniques : Advanced digital preservation / by Giaretta, David Information technology : The Information : by Gleick, James Space data and information transfer systems : Space data and information transfer systems : Practical Digital Preservation : by Brown, Adrian Legal aspects of digital preservation / by Hoeren, Thomas Digital preservation for libraries, archives & museums / by Corrado, Edward M Evidential weight and legal admissibility of electronic information : Is digital different? : A new companion to digital humanties Enforcing privacy : The no-nonsense guide to born digital content / by Ryan, Heather Recordkeeping informatics for a networked age / by Upward, Frank