PAST introduction to archival research RSS feed for public list PAST introduction to archival research A Complete view of the dress and habits of the people of England by Strutt, Joseph, 1749-1802 A guide to the description of architectural drawings / Crisis in Chubut : by Owen, Geraint Dyfnallt Final sketch design report for the Public Records Office extension at Kew / by O'Reilly, Dermot. Home Circuit indictments Elizabeth I and James I : by Cockburn, James Swanston Public Record Office : Public Record Office Feasibility study : The Dundas despotism / by Fry, Michael, 1947- The Office of the clerk of assize : The repertorie of records : The report of the Lords committees, appointed by the House of Lords to view and consider the publick records... The trial, by impeachment, of Henry Lord Viscount Melville, for high crimes and misdemeanors :